Probate Mastermind #217

Recorded Live on February 28, 2019

Call Summary:

  • I have property under contract. There was confusion concerning the type of property and they want a release of the agreement and get their funds back. I have other buyers. Send them an amendment that states both parties are releasing the other from the agreement. I recently had a met with an attorney and it went well. I was afraid initially to meet, but the discussion went very good.
  • I attended Mastermind a few months ago and I sent letters out. Now I need to start making calls. Where do I go to find the tools to make me be better prepared for these calls.
  • I am making the calls and get the feeling the people do not trust me. Try to get them engaged with a question that will make them see they may not have all the bases covered.
  • I am making calls and getting no answers. I am not leaving voice mails because I want to have that direct conversation. Should I leave voice mails, use text or call at different times?
  • What is an affective referral system for attorneys? What are the best practices used to accomplish this?
  • Was there a Winner of the Week from last week? I had 2 winners last week and had another one recently. She provides above and beyond service to make the property show well.
  • The first month I subscribed to ATL I got a deal that was very good. I am excited about the program. The PR was out of state and the process went quickly. The ISA service is being used.
  • I have a complicated situation where a Trustee has a son who has a Power of Attorney and Trustee is not mentally capable of signing an agreement. The beneficiary wants to become the Trustee. The attorney that put the Trust together should get back involved and help resolve the situation.
  • I have questions on referrals across state lines? I am an investor/agent in CO and may want to do some deals in FL. What is the process for establishing referrals?
  • I closed a deal recently with an attorney. He had other probates and one difficult with two brothers, one that wants to sell and the other does not want to sell. As an investor, I was able to offer some options for the attorney.
  • Does ATL have special offers for new customers?
  • Complimented Andrea on her deals. She is in Central Florida which is a competitive environment. I am an investor, what is the best way to refer deals with each other?
  • Met with an attorney recently and the attorney said they normally send deals to three different agents and then choose. You may want to use a Tri-fold brochure that has worked well with attorneys to show the attorney the value-add service you provide. I am working with two PRs out of state.

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