Probate Mastermind #215

Recorded Live on February 14, 2019

Call Summary:

  • I have an option to take a few different markets. How do I choose the best one? I am focusing on wholesaling initially and then hold and flip.
  • Vicki is mailing out 50 letters now in her county and is looking at surrounding markets to increase her volume. Depends upon time and dollars to support effort. How do I build the best list for investors? How can I get the attention of an attorney?
  • Tom from CA has been working with the service for around 6 months and his inventory pipeline has continued to grow. He has some questions about our ISA call service to help. Most of his contacts come later in the day from 3 PM to 8 PM, how would that work with the system? I have a large county with several large markets and the PR has shown concerns that I am not local. How do you handle this? My success comes from being persistent in efforts to help.
  • Joyce from CA has questions on an email from ATL pertaining to her LeadFollow campaign. How does the program work?
  • Ray a marketing manager for a real estate agent was asked to research Probates. He wants more information.
  • In CA and has taken a couple deals. How do I best approach my initial calls? Build your local market networking with resources that can help in many ways.
  • Rick from CA has some general questions on Probates. How does the process work in CA? How do I get in front of the competition? Consider using a Letter of Intent to use you as the listing agent.
  • Tricia shares a story as a new subscriber. She started making a call from her first mailing and the person was concerned how she got her number. She worked with the lady and ended up getting the listing and an opportunity to find the person commercial property for her business. Tricia also shared conversations with attorneys.

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