Probate Mastermind #214

Recorded Live on February 07, 2019

Call Summary:

  • We are in a very competitive environment in South Florida and are in the process of putting an Attorney campaign together. What is the Best Practice in doing this campaign?
  • First group of letters went out today and it appears that at least 50% are going to Spouse survivor. Are there specific letters, etc. designed for them?
  • Andria is getting her first Listing and received the best compliment since she has been in the real estate business. The value-add services and approach are greatly appreciated by the family.
  • My probate client’s deceased mother had a Reverse Mortgage and there is no equity left. Was going to do a Short Sale, but the family is not motivated. A foreclosure is approaching. Are there incentives? What is the best approach here?
  • I am working with a Short Sale. How do we position the pricing for the lender from the investor? What is the best approach for my commissions?
  • I am new to ATL and I am considering the ISA service. How does that work?
  • Ellen has a question on calling past clients. Estate planning and Financial planners are good members of your team (referral team) and referring past clients to them is a benefit if they want to meet.
  • New subscriber, how do I find investors to put in as part of my team?
  • In a competitive area like South Florida, what do we see as a return on a direct mail letter?

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