Probate Mastermind #213

Recorded Live on January 31, 2019

Call Summary:

  • Andrea was researching in Florida for Probates and there was an article that said the buyer must put 10% down. Is that accurate? If the Personal Representative has the deed transferred in their name does it need to go through Probate?
  • Matt saw that the PR was a Public Administrator. Why does this occur and is there still an opportunity with the lead? A PR says they are waiting for a Death Certificate to move forward with the Probate. How does that work?
  • Dave and Lisa are new customers and first time on the Mastermind Call and wanted to say hello.
  • Richard wanted to tell us that he really liked the Mastery class. He also received a call from a person who has several lots to sell for her mother based on her knowledge that he was a specialist in Probate.
  • Jeff is working with a PR in TX. Can the real estate be sold prior to the Probate being closed?
  • Kevin and Alan from TX took Mastery in January and started making calls and they have a potential listing. Be persistent on your calls and the opportunities will be there.
  • Rick has some questions about the LeadFollow program and the different levels? How does the process work?
  • Don has not signed up yet and he wanted to know how we get the data from the Courthouse.
  • Customer visited an attorney who was not willing to help much and be a part of her team. Is there a better approach with the attorney? Where do I find contractors?
  • Edwena took a new listing from a PR out of state. Personal property needs to be sold. You should find an Estate Sale Company to do the inventory, etc. and not take on that liability as an agent.

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