Probate Mastermind #212

Recorded Live on January 24, 2019

Call Summary:

  • Joe is not a customer yet. He wants to have ATL send letters and he wants to make his calls. Can he do that?
  • Are these calls just audio? Yes, but we may move towards a Zoom video conferencing type call. Where do I go to learn more about the service and process.
  • In a small county and had a return call which will be my first deal. He is using the ISA team. Is there a better way to get them to call back? We discuss the LeadFollow digital marketing program.
  • Matt through his Financial Planner was introduced to a Public Administer/Attorney appointed by the Courts and he was not excited to meet since he collects a fee working for the estate. How can I show I can help him?
  • Justin is an investor and has interest in the Mastery class. He wants to position himself as a full- service resource for the family. Does the course help him do that?
  • Joyce has taken the Mastery class 6 times and she says we have new stuff each time and she learns from that. She is using LeadFollow and wants to know how the process works in relation to her website.
  • Alice just started making phone calls and connected with the personal representative. He was at work and needed to speak with his brother. How would you handle this?
  • I was stumped by a lady that said “they had everything handled”. I researched and there is still property involved. How do I get back into a conversation again?
  • Rick has a couple LeadFollow questions. How does it work if there are more than one agent in that market that uses the service?

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