Probate Mastermind #209

Recorded Live on January 03, 2019

Call Summary:

  • Paula shares a win she had on her first set of leads. She also requested additional information on ATL’s LeadFollow digital marketing program.
  • What do we do if a phone number is on the DNC (Do Not Call List)?
  • Peter from NJ is working with a PR to sell a house and Medicaid is wanting funds from the estate. Not sure how to figure out the Medicaid issue. Does Medicaid have a lien on the property? Find a Social Worker in the County you reside in to help navigate the process.
  • On my third mailing and ISA call I got a listing. There was a question about requiring an EIN for the estate.
  • Earlier today Sara in the Atlanta area received 4 appointments from our ISA team (Lisa). She is excited about the program and has utilized ATL’s services for mailings with PR letters and flyers along with calls. She has also signed up for the LeadFollow digital marketing program to expand her reach.
  • Has anyone had success with text messages? It is not a service ATL provides. Some subscribers have utilized these services and have been successful, but there are potential legal liabilities that you should be aware of.
  • Does the Probate need to be closed in FL in order to sell the property?
  • Anthony shares success on the phone after having some negative responses initially. He is the ISA for his real estate firm. Not sure what to do next. Show how the market is shifting and it may be in her best interest to sell now.

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