Probate Mastermind #208

Recorded Live on December 27, 2018

Call Summary:

  • Jim has had 7 deals in past 3 months. He has been a customer for a few years and once he started following ATL’s program for letters and calls his success rate has grown significantly.
  • Tim is just getting ready to start making phone calls. How do you approach phone numbers that are not directly tied to the PR? Each number should be related to the PR either directly or indirectly through others in their household. Andrea made the first round of calls and had one that may be a listing and another one that said they would not sell the property for another year. How should I approach this one? Try to ask as many questions that may open the door with more value.
  • Laurie just got her first batch of leads and has seen that some of the PR and deceased addresses are the same. Some of the probates do not have attorneys. Is that normal? In some courts they do not report the attorney information. Should the initial contact be with the PR or attorney?
  • John is an investor and his wife is an agent. He is not currently an ATL customer. How would he best position himself? As an investor, agent, etc.?
    I have a Probate lead, but it has a reverse mortgage. Is there any opportunity for an investor? There is no equity in the house, but it can be a short sale opportunity.
  • Roger has had a few reverse mortgages and wants more detail on the process to go to a Short Sale. How are these listed?
  • Chad has seen that Last Known Address is sometimes out of the area or does not appear to be property. Do not scrub your list too much using that address since it may be a nursing home, etc. We recommend contacting the PR for clarification.

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