Probate Mastermind #207

Recorded Live on December 20, 2018

Call Summary:

  • There was confusion on Court Confirmation process in CA. We already have a contract with a buyer for the seller. The attorney was confused on over bid process which would be to an advantage to my seller. What is the best approach here?
  • I have a deal that the court appointed me as the listing agent via a court order. How can I get more of these? The public administrator is typically the one who assigns the agent. You can get to know them or also speak to attorneys to increase your awareness in the market.
  • Excited about the new ATL digital marketing service. How do I subscribe? What do I do afterwards? ATL will set everything up for you.
  • Wants to know how the pipeline typically works concerning the conversion cycle? The cash conversion cycle is shorter with Probate leads than others. Each market can be different. How do you deal with the PRs out of state when you cannot usually have a meeting? Who should be on these calls? Out of state PRs usually need your help more than those that live in the state.
  • New to the program and went on first listing and got the listing. I have 2 more in the queue? I am very excited about the program. What are the documents I should get from the PR whether an attorney or someone else to show that they are authorized to sell the property? What do you do if the PR says that they are waiting for the attorney? What does it mean when no attorney is listed?
  • I am doing my marketing budget and want to know what processes would give me the best results? The digital marketing program starts at a minimum budget of $150 up to $1,000 packages. What is different at those ranges?
  • How do you approach a Probate lead verses and inheritance lead? The issues are basically the same and you need to clearly offer a value-add services to differentiate yourself. Is the ATL tailored more to Agents or Investors? We train the same way for both since the positioning is the same with the team concept and value-add services. Should I start with ATL’s Mastery classes?

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