Probate Mastermind #206

Recorded Live on December 13, 2018

Call Summary:

  • I have used your system in the past for the NJ market, but I have now moved to FL and want to focus on being an Investor. How should I approach this?
  • I want to take the next Mastery class, but I cannot be at all sessions. How can I do this?
  • We have sent out several letters and we have received two negative complaints. Is there a better way to approach these situations? My broker has some concerns about his brokerage reputation since our address is on it. Chad shares how best to position yourself.
  • Have some questions about the ATL call center (ISA program). How does it work?
  • How do you get your leads? ATL provides a complete, turnkey system to get the leads and market.
  • I am in TN and have a situation where the PR does not have authority to sell property since the heirs are to receive the property directly. There is a unique law in TN that keeps the property out of the Probate. Get clear on how the property is transferred in TN and spend time with an attorney or court clerk to go through the process.
  • In the TX market. When I start my calls, I start with the out of state PRs and found a homestead and 11 investment properties. You may want to list the properties in groups and/or individual listings if your MLS allows this to increase your interest from various investors. Also found a property that is in Trust. How should I approach this?
  • How time sensitive is it to get a hold of the heirs when I am an investor? Utilize the system ATL provides to automate the process to get in front of the competition.
  • I am sending letters out and planning on utilizing the Probate Expert Certificate as part of the campaign.
  • Should I give the PR information on my resources if they want to contact them on their own? Normally, the family will not want to do that and would prefer you recommending vendors and having them contact the family directly.
  • New to real estate in IN. How should we position ourselves best for an investor? Utilize the Subscriber Portal for various tools and resources.
  • I have utilized LoopNet (Commercial MLS) to list package of investor properties and has had success. Should a return addressed be used on the envelope?
  • New to the program. I have concerns about how best to approach putting my team of resources together. What is the best approach?

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