Probate Mastermind #210

Recorded Live on January 10, 2019

Call Summary:

  • Cliff from FL is new and wants to know if the system provides the ability to track things within the CRM. Use the rating and status capabilities to assist in that effort. How do I best build my resource team? Should you scrub the list?
  • Paul shares a couple of successes. We have been with ATL for about 4 months and are in the process of buying all counties around us. We have a couple listings and two more on the horizon. His company realigned their business towards the concept of having value added services. He believes that his broker recruiting has been helped by the Probate marketing they do.
  • We get 300+ leads monthly and a lot of people tell me that the “Probate is taken care of”or “Probate is all done”…what are some good questions to ask? Chad shares some techniques.
  • What is the best approach when doing the initial call to the PR? Do not go initially to the real estate in the conversation and focus on their needs. How do I approach discussions with an attorney? Chad shares ways to provide the attorney referrals as a way to get into the door and establish an ongoing relationship.
  • Sheila received an email from another agent that said soliciting can be perceived negative and that her daughter received my letter and was upset. How do I respond to this?
  • How will the ATL LeadFollow digital marketing service help me to get more deals? Chad discusses the program in detail.
  • Sam from VA received a call from someone that she contacted over 6 months + before and the got a listing. She also shared how her attorney marketing program was going and that is has become very successful.

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