Probate Mastermind #203

Recorded Live on November 15, 2018

Call Summary:

  • New system Search capability is discussed.
  • New to the system…first thing I do is to look up the property and find many are sold already. Should I take a different approach? He is in Colorado which is very competitive.
  • How do I find the best Investor in my market and establish an ongoing relationship? Spoke to a couple of Investors and they seemed difficult to deal with. The deal will need to be a cash deal. How do I protect myself and the property to work a deal? How do I best position the deal with the Investor? Find the right Investor.
  • The Thursday Mastermind Calls are very good and motivates us. Would it be possible to move the day earlier in the week? Wednesday and Thursday are the most popular dates for customer interaction due to their availability. He gets a lot of leads and moves on to others if people are not ready to do anything. Should he be doing something else.
  • I am going to work some Attorneys next week. Want to know the best approach. We are wanting to expand our network to this area. You should also visit the Probate Clerk to establish a relationship and they can also become good referral sources. One focus is on Divorces and get information earlier from the Attorneys. They have been with ATL for over 2 years and have done over 24+ deals. We always lead our conversations with Value first and try to find out what their needs are and then find the best solutions.
  • Facing similar challenges as the other person from Colorado. I have been focusing on Attorneys via your ISA call center. The attorney always seems to want an email? What should I do? Make a short video and invite them to lunch to discuss in more detail. Use it as a marketing tool when you get leads each month that has the attorney information.

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