Probate Mastermind #202

Recorded Live on November 08, 2018

Call Summary:

  • Julie – having difficult to get some traction with her leads. She is using letters and phone follow up. What should I do different? When can they list the property? Customer recommended trying a hand-written letter which has worked for him. He shares his letter content.
  • Vacant property insurance – In some standard homeowner policies vacant property is not covered. Something to ask the PR about. When can the PR list the property in your State? Go visit the County Clerk that manages Probates for clarification. In doubt, take the listing and then contact their attorney to establish yourself.
  • Jeff – Have a listing with my first set of leads. Attorney says in Utah the court does not need to approve the sale, but in other States it may be required. Check in your State for clarification. For marketing, he recommends utilizing multiple marketing tools i.e. notes, letters and cards that ATL offers.
  • I am a new Investor. How do I compete with an Agent? Position yourself as a Probate Expert that offers a variety of solutions (Hub and Wheel Concept). Have a very good Agent as part of your team. It would be an advantage for you to become an Agent too.
  • Mandar – it is important to establish relationships with Investors. It can provide many opportunities. How often can I call a prospect? How many months back can you go to work older lists for opportunities? If aggressive on making several calls, you probably do not want to leave a message each time. Should I use a different phone number at times?
  • Richard – he provides additional information on Investors in the CA market that was brought up earlier in the call. He offered to assist the caller. He shares that Probates are a great ROI for his business. When he partners with an Estate as an investor, he uses an LLC to purchase and share profits. Each situation is different. Chad discussed the Land Trust advantages in his State of VA as an option in some states.
  • Mary – new to the program. Is the deceased last address the property? No, it is the last known mailing address. In some cases, it may be the property. Focus marketing effort on the PR to clarify if property is involved. Provide Value first in the conversation.
  • Need more information on websites, send email to Support and a specialist will contact you.

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