Probate Mastermind #201

Recorded Live on November 01, 2018

Call Summary:

  • Andre – Met with PR and son of deceased. The property was to go to his son, the grandson. How do you best position when the perceived value of the property is less than actual? Property needs repairs. What is your strategy? Can you flip the house? Find a flipper who you can joint venture with, if you want to reduce your exposure. Working on PR that is an investor and may be good opportunity to get owner financing to increase your rental properties. Be creative.
  • Best Practices – How often should we call the lead after leaving voice mail? Depends upon your time availability (has group calling). Don’t stop until you speak to all. Track your activity on calling and ROI.
  • Chad – Information on WOW program? Do you recommend any Sales training? Want to do both Agent and Investor. Get on phone and get feet wet. Your skills will improve with more experience and it is important to listen. Brand new to the system. I used Sly Broadcast dial with my first list last week and have received incredible response to my calls. Have received over 40 calls inbound out of 195 leads and have 3 appointments. It is becoming overwhelming. Use the CRM to track and you may need to add help to your team. What about ringless voice mail liability?
  • Kevin – How best to find ways to build cash buyers list? Short term is to go to auctions and investors will be there that have experience and the funds available. Also, attend your local REIA group and meet people that are investors. Look
    Barbara – I have an appointment tomorrow. Question on Short Code to customize the CRM i.e. Face To Face Appointment as an example to sort/search faster. You are creating a Tag to search by for those in that group. It is customized by the subscriber.
    Sam – When you send ringless voice mail, should you send it out to all numbers available? In Chad’s experience he left the voice mail to all and has not received any negative feedback. Status on Divorce Leads?
  • Gary – What is Sly Broadcast and Voice Logic? They are ringless voice dialer systems. What is best time of day to make call? Varies in each market.
  • Matt – Received first referral from Attorney and meeting with PR tomorrow. They are looking at multiple agents. Try to be the last one to see them because you provide much more value with the value-add services focused on the family needs.

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