Probate Mastermind #200

Recorded Live on October 25, 2018

Call Summary:

  • Sara – Should you consider making a Funeral Director as part of your team? Consider positioning your team as Specialists in Transition events and that you have a team that can help them. How do you build your referral network?
  • Joyce – Going on call in a few hours and using the spreadsheet tool to consider a Cash offer. Family does not have money to do work on the house and needs to sell now. I may be the cash investor. Am I doing the process correctly?
  • Mac – Part of Frank Patrick’s group. I have gone to the courthouse in the past to get the leads and there are over 200 leads per month. It is overwhelming…what should my approach be here? I am not a customer of ATL yet. Since beginning we have enhanced our system to support our customers including a CRM, mailing services, ISA services, etc. through automation and that is the reason Frank has recommended us to his customers to facilitate the process. Don’t filter the leads too much to get better results.
  • Chad – ISA team has worked well for him. When trying to build your network do you suggest taking them to lunch or something to explain what you are doing? In some cases, maybe, but getting that face to face meeting in their office to explain the team concept and advantages to all probably works as well. When does the PR get authority to make decisions on the property?
  • Derrick – New agent and he signed up prior to finding a brokerage which helped him have opportunity to select his brokerage. Should I get a real estate CRM or use the one ATL offers? Use the ATL CRM for the Probate leads since it is designed for that activity and consider another general Real Estate CRM for other real estate activities.
  • Andre – Working Probate leads and making calls daily with a high volume of monthly leads. We have set 17 listing appointments already. How long should we continue working the leads? Market early and often. Listen to the Role Play calls to better understand the different approaches.

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