Probate Mastermind #199

Recorded Live on October 18, 2018

Call Summary:

  • Vince – Has first lead and deal with PR not in the area and the house is in disrepair, may have a reverse mortgage and the PR is not capable to travel. They do not have an attorney. Sending all documentation to agent to figure out? What should I do here?
  • Joyce – Been calling but not getting very many people answering. Not leaving voice mail now so I can call back multiple times. What is a good strategy to get more people to talk to? Best way to find Facebook group.
  • Kevin – Have had two listing meetings with families that have had a death, but it is before going through Probate. Some people do not realize they need to probate the estate or they may have set the estate up so it does not have to go through Probate. Ask why they are not doing Probate…find out more details. How do I know if they need to go through Probate? They may need guidance as to what needs to be done. When does the PR have the authority to list and sell the property?
  • A non-subscriber has gone to the courthouse to get probate leads and he has had a hard time getting the information. Collection process is not always easy and is the primary reason people use ATL.
  • Barb – Vacant land issues and listing. How do I list multiple parcels? Can they be bought together? Can I do multiple listings? Need to check with your MLS.
  • Chad – Has used ISA service and already has 5 appointments. What has to happen for the PR to have authority to list and sell the property? The PR is not an heir. How does that work? What is the best approach when speaking with the attorney?
  • Amy – Calling someone that is a surviving spouse. What is the best approach when calling? Check out our Role Play calls. PR is out of state…call to get more detail pertaining to assets and locations.
  • Kevin – Has one property under agreement and need a home inspection company. Ask your broker office for references.

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