Probate Mastermind #198

Recorded Live on October 11, 2018

Call Summary:

  • Mark found a PR that is in prison. What should he do?
  • Brandon asks about professional designations and we discuss Probate Mastery and our Certified Probate Expert (CPE) designation.
  • Has anyone had success with authoring and sending out books on probate to generate leads?
  • Ronit Abraham Delson shares a story of how she got a “come list me” call in Manhattan.
  • What is the best voicemail message to use when prospecting Personal Representatives
  • Tom shares his knowledge of how the CA prison system can actually expedite legal processes, including probate.
  • Tom shares how he listed 1 probate, got a verbal agreement for 3 more and has 10 on deck.
  • How should you handle a listing appointment with out-of-state heirs?
  • How are vendor payments handled?
  • Do you list the property in the name of the PR or the name of the estate?
  • How should I use the trifold brochures?
  • Success Story: 2 listings on deck from out-of-town heirs
  • What does the process look like if I want to wholesale probate deals?
  • What conversion rate should I expect on probate leads?

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