Probate Mastermind #204

Recorded Live on November 29, 2018

Call Summary:

  • How do I deal with the PR saying they do not know me? Chad shares some good techniques to control the conversation.
  • Second caller shares that she changed her approach on the initial call and now drops the name of her company to avoid an immediate shut down. The PR said everything is in a Trust, however something still had to go through Probate…this could still be a good lead.
  • Chad shares the order and approach that seems to work best. Use a title that would be unique for the PR and would get their attention and promote them to want to engage to find out what you do and why you are calling.
  • I have never made a call yet…what should I do and how do I position myself. Chad shares the process and some good questions to get ask and information to share. Key is listening and finding solutions for them.
  • ATL is doing PR calls for the subscriber and they are doing the Attorney calls. How do they position those calls and what should the focus should be? Show them you are proactive and add value to the attorney to take many things off their plates that they do not get compensation for.
  • What do I do when I call the PR and they are not aware of the Probate? Sometimes if there are similar names in the market you may get a phone number for the wrong person. Just reference the deceased and if there is no connection end the call. I want to reach out to an attorney that I helped with some issues on a Probate to keep my name in front of the attorney and recap our services. What is a good approach?
  • Sam shares they received a Thank You note from an attorney they visited. The attorney was very appreciative and believes it is a service her clients can use. A face to face meeting will be her next step to clearly define all the services she can offer. This has become a marketing system now and these efforts will continue ongoing.
  • Peter – He is using the ATL ISA team to make calls to set up appointments. He is not sure how best to reach out to future appointments, PRs that want to do the meeting later. How should I handle these situations? Do a quick follow up call to get more information to be prepared when they do meet? Goal is to move the appointment to an earlier date.
  • I am an investor and working on a Probate where there was no Will and multiple heirs. They are having a difficult time deciding who should be the PR. Put a written offer in front of them to get them interested with a quick closing. In order to close, the courts will need to appoint the PR and then the offer becomes acceptable at that time.

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