Probate Mastermind #194

Recorded Live on September 13, 2018

Call Summary:

  • A new agent asks what he could expect from working our probate system.
  • Should a new agent tackle 150 leads?
  • How do I compete with the “iBuyers” as an investor in my market?
  • Where to find the recordings of these calls? (remember, they are in the Subscriber Portal for Subscribers and you can save time in the FB by using the “search this group” bar on the left for keywords: mastermind, and role play.
  • What’s the best direct mail sequence to use?
  • David suggest we do a better job processing audio for these calls.
  • Discussion about our ISA services
  • How to make sure you don’t do all the work and not get the listing.
  • Where to find the Mailbox Motivator demo video (temporarily down while changes are being made to the system. A new video will be added when new MM is complete)
  • How to approach probate attorneys with confidence and what is the best way to market to them.
  • A suggestion to use your phone number as the caller ID number when using a dialer.
  • Success Story: Dave shares how he used the Seller Net Sheet to get a deal under contract for cash at a deep discount even though he showed her the possible retail price.
  • Where to find samples of our tri-fold brochures
  • Success Story: A hoarder house in foreclosure turned into a listing, sale and resale (for the investor buyer).

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