Probate Mastermind #193

Recorded Live on September 06, 2018

Call Summary:

  • She’s signing up today but still has some questions.
  • How do you buy a probate property subject-to the existing mortgage if your a licensed agent.
  • How to build out your probate team.
  • How does your ISA calling service work?
  • Scenario: Vacant house with a reverse mortgage that is underwater. What’s the best way to help?
  • Joyce asks what she can do to be more thorough on the phones when a surviving spouse is not selling the real estate.
  • How many of your probate leads have attorneys and how should I approach them?
  • Mary, a first year agent, shares her success using the All The Leads probate system to get her first 4 listings EVER!
  • How to provide real value to Probate Attorneys to build a referral relationship
  • How the search function in our CRM works
  • Scenario: An executor assigned their appointment through a power of attorney. Does this show in the data?
  • How do I know I’m not wasting my money in a very competitive market?

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