Probate Mastermind #185

Recorded Live on July 12, 2018

Call Summary:

  • Success story: Lisa shares how 4 leads turned into 1 listing in the first week of her campaign using our ISA service. That’s 25% conversion!!!
  • A prospective subscriber asks how does the ATL system work?
  • Joyce tells us how she found her first “lightning strike” objection and we discuss how she can deal with it.
  • Sonja asks about how DNC applies to our leads
  • If you have “old leads” how should you approach them?
  • Mary shares her frustrations about no response to marketing and we discuss what she can do in a fiercely competitive market to gain traction.
  • Tonya shares her experience with her first campaign. One tough call and 2 potential listings in the pipeline already!
  • Success Story: Dennis shares his experience as a Probate Expert for the last 2 years and how he took 6 probate listings in June. His plan is to list 10 per month consistently.
  • Rodger shares his experience as a Probate Expert using the All The Leads probate system and his unique approach that has made him so successful.

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