Probate Mastermind #183

Recorded Live on June 28, 2018

Call Summary:

  • Success Story: Sarah shares a story of helping and out of area administrator and how even in Atlanta, where the competition is high, her letter stood out and got her the listing.
  • “Attorney calls aren’t working in my market.” We discuss how office visits typically yield 10x the results as phone calls.
  • What is the value of Probate Mastery and the certification?
  • I’m just getting started, what should I do first?
  • Jim comes on to say hi and celebrate being our “Win of the Week” last week.
  • A former probate/estate planning attorney has a few questions and shares his experience working with Administrators and what their biggest needs are.
  • We discuss how to build your Probate Attorney referral network by leading with value. Bring them a list of pro-se administrators and a list of past clients looking for an estate plan.
  • How do you determine if a deal is a wholesale or a listing? How do you make sure you have the right REALTOR partner when you’re an investor.
  • Success Story: Sam shares a story of helping an overwhelmed Administrator who was referred by an Administrator she helped but did not do business with. #ProvideValueFirst came back to her team at the rate of $2,000 per hour of her time invested because she lead with value.
  • More discussion on using a pro-se list to open the conversation with Probate Attorneys.
  • How to list the property if the Administrator is not yet officially appointed by the court.

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