Probate Mastermind #182

Recorded Live on June 21, 2018

Call Summary:

  • Win of the Week announcement: Kevin
  • Michele shares a scenario where she got a probate referral. Should she call the probate attorney?
  • Jim throws his hat in the ring for Win of the Week. A $259k sale that is being renovated and he already has the $400k disposition listing. He goes on to tell us about 3 more in his pipeline.
  • Jeremy from South FL asks us to critique his campaign and we give him some ideas to test.
  • Lucky offers a suggestion to help; become a “Probate Appraiser” so you are more valuable to attorneys.
  • What ringless voicemail system is best? How can I get your tri-fold brochures?
  • What are our thoughts on Google Voice? What about adding business cards to letters?
  • What phone numbers do your ISAs use?
  • Scenario: Decedent died at 43 and his estate is being sabotaged. He has an unknown number of outstanding private mortgages. How can she find out who owes him to help the family out?
  • The attorneys are ignoring me. How do I get past the gatekeepers?

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