Probate Mastermind #186

Recorded Live on July 19, 2018

Call Summary:

  • We discuss campaign sequence, websites and Probate Mastery Training
  • A new Subscriber is getting ready to go and wants to know what conversion rate to expect.
  • Joyce shares how she got back on the phone after last week’s “lightning strike” and set an appointment with a Fiduciary.
  • Jeff asks how to move the conversation forward with out-of-state sellers.
  • We discuss the call and direct mail frequency and how to prospect Administrators. 
  • “What conversion rate can I expect if I am in a county that is sold out and I’m doing it all on my own?”
  • How important is the Certified Probate Expert designation?
  • How to build your confidence, language and use empathy to differentiate yourself against any competition.
  • We discuss how to deal with Administrators that just aren’t ready to list the real estate.

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