Probate Mastermind #180

Recorded Live on June 07, 2018

Call Summary:

  • Subscriber suggests a “bad number” option beside each number to make her prospecting more efficient
  • Ellen shares her early success of turning a PR with no real estate in the estate into a buyer (following our conversation on the Role Play call yesterday). Next step is to list the deceased business partner’s house into a short sale listing.
  • Nathaniel checks in as a spectator
  • Sam shares how she uses the CRM edit function to manage any bad numbers she finds.
  • Scenario: “I uncovered a PR who wants help but signed a 12 mo. listing agreement. What should I do?”
  • Scenario: Probate referral from friend. Are there restrictions on how long a listing can be? What’s the best way to handle this one?
  • *TERRIBLE AUDIO WARNING: Call back in…
  • Should you publish your probate team roster?
  • Is the “Deceased Last Known Address” really a useful data point?
  • Lucky asks about getting the property address for appointments set by ISAs
  • How long should I continue to call each list?

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