Probate Mastermind #179

Recorded Live on May 31, 2018

Call Summary:

  • Scenario: An attorney is standing in the way of an investor and the family. What more can he do?
  • Who has experience to share on ISA calls to attorneys?
  • Where is the ATL call center located?
  • Russell shares his experience with ISA attorney calls (8% conversion on one small campaign)
  • Scenario: Husband died, stepmom is living in house, kids want to kick her out and sell. What should be done?
  • Are the ATL probate websites effective?
  • A new investor asks how to start the conversation
  • Where is the information for Role Play calls and what are the details on the ISA calls for Probate Attorneys
  • Base hit success story and discussion about how addresses and phone numbers are obtained.
  • Discussion on ISA calls to Attorneys
  • What if there is no date of death?

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