Probate Mastermind #178

Recorded Live on May 24, 2018

Call Summary:

  • How do you handle coordination of and payment for services your probate team renders to the estate?
  • Colette Clift Mayers, Realtor shares her success so far. She has had 5 closings per quarter from only working 50 leads in a county where there are 700 leads monthly. She is now up to 100 leads and an adjacent county so her next story will be even more impressive!
  • Grant shares his experience with ATL websites and ISA services and how he is approaching Probate Attorneys to build his referral network.
  • Discussion: How to approach a family who has a home but is planning to let it go to foreclosure.
  • A great testimonial from a Subscriber in Denver. We discuss his quick success on his 2nd time around.
  • Scenario: An estate closed but the real estate title wasn’t transferred. The occupant wants to stay and their is a lot of equity. What can we do?
  • Scenario: A home is on the market but has squatters so it’s not selling. There’s a reverse mortgage. How do you make sure it doesn’t get foreclosed on while she gets the squatters out?
  • I have leads from a year ago. How do I start the conversation with them?
  • Colette shares her knowledge of muniment of title in the state of TX to help with the scenario above

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