Probate Mastermind #177

Recorded Live on May 17, 2018

Call Summary:

  • How can we increase our conversion by adding more touches to our marketing sequence?
  • How do we approach attorneys?
  • How to learn about your local probate process/timeline
  • How do I bet manage my marketing campaign?
  • Success Story: A cold Attorney turned to referral partner
  • How to handle the “We already have a REALTOR” objection
  • How to deal with frustrated Administrators who have been bombarded
  • How are Probate Attorneys paid and how to show them how your business compliments theirs and gets them paid quicker while getting the most value for the heirs.
  • What is the best leave-behind for attorneys and how to stay in touch with them.
  • How to use the CRM to save time and money only prospecting leads you have not spoken to.
  • What is the best game plan for building a Probate Attorney referral network.
  • Scenario: An agent lost a listing to another because the court appointed a Public Administrator who allowed the agent to list $50k below value and signed a contract for $30k below market value. The deal fell apart but what can he do?
  • What is the schedule for distributing assets and settling liabilities.

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