Probate Mastermind #174

Recorded Live on April 25, 2018

Call Summary:

  • Scenario: Home in foreclosure, probate not filed…what can I do?
  • What should I do first?
  • Just getting started…think I can manage 2 counties?
  • When is the next Role Play call?
  • Why are estates with a surviving spouse probated?
  • Success Story: Amy shares a story of how she listed and sold a probate house for $71K over list, as-is, with no contingencies. Hear how simple it was and how grateful the seller is that Amy took care of everything.
  • Discussion: Full Authority vs. Limited Authority in CA
  • Jim shares his resource for skip tracing people who are not on the probate list but he needs to contact.
  • Discussion: Why ‘deceased last known address’ isn’t that relevant to your marketing.
  • How many of these are investor deals?
  • Discussion: Why such an offer to help when I’m just trying to list real estate.
  • How did Chad build his landlord buyer list?
  • Jim shares a story of how he helped an elderly PR and why having a probate team is so important to his business.

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