Probate Mastermind #173

Recorded Live on April 19, 2018

Call Summary:

  • Discussion: How can I be most efficient at prospecting 300+ leads? We discuss calling practices and best times to call as well as when you should be doing admin tasks.
  • Discussion: How to create market share and be most efficient when getting started in a competitive market.
  • How long should I follow up with these leads?
  • Where do you draw the line with “Provide Value First”?
  • How to open the conversation as the HUB and then talk about the SPOKES
  • Discussion: When the PR can list the property
  • Who all should be on your probate team?
  • Why you should have an auctioneer on your team.
  • Discussion: How to open the conversation, how many mail pieces to send and how often to leave voicemails.
  • “Am I at a disadvantage because I’m not calling?”
  • A Subscriber shares how our service brought them from “barely making a living” to closing dozens of transactions each year.
  • How many Subscribers in each county and how many Subscribers can use ISAs
  • Darcy shares her attorney success stories.
  • When in the world will Chad finally schedule Probate Mastery and a great closing compliment.

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