Probate Mastermind #172

Recorded Live on April 12, 2018

Call Summary:

  • Darcy shares a few scenarios she has uncovered quickly and we discuss her game plan for getting these sold.
  • What ringless voicemail platform do we recommend and what message should you leave?
  • How does the Attorney ISA service work? What is the right approach to be successful?
  • How and when to use ringless voicemail. How to build your attorney network.
  • Should I mail the brochure to attorneys or take it with me? How can I make sure the ISA knows about my business.
  • An outstanding ISA asks us for our ISA script
  • A Broker/Attorney asks how she should title herself.
  • An investor asks how he should approach attorneys.
  • How often and how long should I be reaching out?
  • What conversion rates can I expect?

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