Probate Mastermind #167

Recorded Live on March 08, 2018

Call Summary:

  • What companies do you use for vacant property insurance?
  • What does it mean if the last known address is out of the area?
  • How to handle the “our attorney has it handled” objection
  • 3-month success story followed by “How do I respond to a hostile PR?”
  • Michelle shares what she has learned over 2.5 years of specializing in probate.
  • How to find a trash-out company that will remove glass
  • How to handle the “we’re waiting to be appointed as PR” objection
  • How to get $7k of personal property cleaned out of a mobile home in a hurry
  • How to find the right vendors for your team and make sure you aren’t getting dragged into work you’re not being paid for.
  • Discussion of donating personal property
  • Let’s talk about letters…
  • Do you handle in-town PRs differently from out-of-town?
  • Some more ideas on how to find fleamarket sellers or junk-out companies.

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