Probate Mastermind #168

Recorded Live on March 15, 2018

Call Summary:

  • One more time…if you scrub your list you WILL cost yourself money
  • Todd shares his experience in the first couple of weeks of his campaign and how he intends to build his Probate Attorney referral network.
  • More attention given to building your Probate Attorney referral network. How to #ProvideValueFirst to earn the business. Next, we discuss how to use this network to find Trust clients.
  • Discussion: How to defeat the “we’re going to wait until….” objection by asking better questions and finding ways to provide value to the family NOW vs. later.
  • How does our ISA service work?
  • Why list-scrubbing is a bad idea
  • Success Story: 2 appointments in 5 weeks of direct mail and the language that he’s using to slow the conversation down to get engagement.
  • **BLUNDER ALERT (ghost playing hold music)
  • Auctioneer shares a good idea about becoming a “Probate Appraiser”
  • Role Play: How to defeat the “My attorney referred me to ______…” objection and get the last appointment spot.
  • Scenario: A PR is inheriting a property that had a life estate but the person who held the life estate is deceased. How can you move it forward?
  • What it means when the attorney name shows up as both the PR and Attorney and what you should do about that.
  • Discussion: How to avoid the hang-up and get people to engage with you.

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