Probate Mastermind #163

Recorded Live on February 08, 2018

Call Summary:

  • Scenario: PR is single heir and house is in foreclosure. Should I buy it subject-to?
  • Amy shares a story about her first contact with a surviving spouse and another about finding a rare child’s probate.
  • Christian asks about using a Google Voice number and about having different letters for different cultural areas within the county.
  • How can you find a role play partner?
  • Rodger shares how his assistant searches obituaries to find the age of the deceased before he calls and a couple of ideas from his experience as a Certified Probate Expert.
  • Is Probate Mastery useful for Investors too?
  • How to use YouTube to build your probate business
  • Same shares her experience and also how she references obituaries before calling.

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