Probate Mastermind #162

Recorded Live on February 01, 2018

Call Summary:

  • How to build your probate team
  • How to find an ATL referral agent
  • How to sell a mobile home fast
  • “I scrubbed my list and didn’t prospect much over the last 5 months, what should I do now?”
  • What is the timeline for mail delivery after leads come in?
  • Success Story: A $1.6MM listing from a Personal Representative of an estate that did NOT have any real estate.
  • Scenario: How to deal with a family who wants to renovate and rent the home and how to find reliable contractors.
  • How to use “Fear Setting” to clear up call reluctance (learn more here:
  • Scenario: The PR was confused as to why they got a letter and as it turns out the property was held in a Land Trust. How to
  • Scenario: Continuation of last week…what incentive is there to short sale a home in real estate?
  • How to get Mastermind recordings on your phone
  • A veteran agent commends the new agent who shared her story about taking action and getting results early and shares her experience and advice on this niche.
  • Scenario: A PR didn’t realize his mom owned a home in a different state.

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