Probate Mastermind #160

Recorded Live on January 18, 2018

Call Summary:

  • Bob shares a story of attorney prospecting using “hey, I’m looking for a probate attorney who has a ____________ speaking person in the office” to set the appointment.
  • Appointment scenario: House in rough condition with tax liens. What is the best strategy?
  • “What can I expect to be the biggest challenge as I’m getting started in probate as an investor?”
  • Scenario: “How can I buy a commercial building with no money down?”
  • What is the most common objection?
  • Scenario: How can I structure a deal where the house is underwater
  • How to build a referral network in your market to maximize your results.
  • A very creative idea born from experience: network with Pawn Brokers to find creative financing.
  • How do I sign up for Probate Mastery?

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