Probate Mastermind #159

Recorded Live on January 11, 2018

Call Summary:

  • Success Story
  • January Mastery Course information
  • Whats the best approach to handling calls to surviving spouses?
  • How can I differentiate myself from others in a highly competitive market?
  • I have placed an ISA order for phone calls, what happens next?
  • What is the turn around time for the Mailbox Motivator orders?
  • Should I stop following up on leads after a certain amount of time has passed (is there a shelf life for leads we have received?)
  • Do I get all the probates filed in a county or are they filtered prior?
  • What can I offer/ask to help an attorney of a probate?
  • How to get a listing without having to ask for it.
  • Should I still follow up with PRs where property has already been sold prior to the probate filing?
  • Can I research docket numbers?
  • What does it signify when there is no attorney listed on a probate?
  • How quickly do PRs usually look to close?

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