Probate Mastermind #148

Recorded Live on October 19, 2017

Call Summary:

  • Hear about Paul’s 27+ probate transactions in the last year and how he’s leveraging his Zillow profile to build on that momentum
  • Will Dispute Scenario: Heirs from 3 countries dispute the will and ownership of property. What should the agent do?
  • Dan, a Fiduciary in CA invites our agents to participate in a podcast and offers his advice to Gail on the scenario above.
  • What motivations does a Fiduciary have in the probate process?
  • We discuss using Mojo Selling Solutions dialer for probate prospecting.
  • How to find the right language if your market is super-competitive and the PRs won’t engage with you.
  • Role Play: Starting the conversation when the PR won’t engage
  • Where to find brochure samples on our site
  • Liz asks when the new CRM functions will be live

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