Probate Mastermind #134

Recorded Live on July 13, 2017

Call Summary:

  • How often do you call and mail?
  • How to get in front of Public Administrators to earn a steady stream of referrals
  • Why you DO NOT want to scrub your list on the deceased last known address because you WILL eventually cost yourself. Pick up the phone and get the real story, don’t overanalyze a spreadsheet.
  • We discuss the value of a vacant house list and who should be on your probate team?
  • Why Probate Mastery is done as a group training
  • How many of these leads will you convert:
  • We discuss some creative options you can offer by adding certain professionals to your probate team.
  • Fast Track, Mastery or both?
  • How to work probate as an investor vs. as a REALTOR

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