Probate Mastermind #133

Recorded Live on July 06, 2017

Call Summary:

  • Why do some properties not go through probate? Why should you NOT make assumptions based on a spreadsheet? How do you find out what’s in the estate?
  • Should you use a return address on mail?
  • What does it mean when the date of death was years ago?
  • How do we make sure the PR addresses are valid and deliverable?
  • How to disarm the frustrated PRs and start the conversation – Should you leave a voicemail?
  • Dennis shares how he used humor to disarm a commercial property owner and earn the listing. He’s done $1MM so far and will do more for sure!
  • No scripts? REALLY? So what do we do?
  • How to handle a situation where the attorney tells the family they can’t do anything until they say so (or that’s what the family heard)
  • How to access call recordings

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