Probate Mastermind #109

Recorded Live on January 19, 2017

Call Summary:

  • How do you approach attorneys to build a referral network?
  • A Jan. Mastery grad shares some much appreciated feedback
  • What does it mean when PR is out of state or an Attorney and how to approach those
  • How to earn business by helping a surviving spouse that is not selling. Couple of creative ideas discussed here!
  • How to use a VA to set call appointments
  • Why you SHOULD call surviving spouses.
  • Should you make more than 1 call between each letter?
  • Why are probate dates 2 months after date of death? What to do if the last known address is out of state.
  • Rodger shares his methodology for working with “know it all” clients and how “going the extra mile” can make all the difference in this situation.
  • Our friend from Philly encourages everyone to “get your ass on the phone” and work the system and you WILL beat out your competition.
  • How to use a flat fee listing and sell to investors without getting into hot water.
  • Any safety precautions for going on appointments?

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