Announcing DNC Validation for All Phone Numbers

by | Mar 14, 2019

Do Not Call Registry Validation is Live!

As consumer complaints to the FTC and FCC rise, so does your liability as a real estate professional.  DNC violations have not been a problem for our Subscribers to date but, due to the mass violations nationwide, we do anticipate more aggressive enforcement in the future so we have improved our system to protect you.

Now EVERY phone number we provide you for Personal Representatives and Probate Attorneys is scrubbed against the following registries:

  1. Federal Do Not Call Registry
  2. State Do Not Call Registries (All 50 States)
  3. Known Litigator Database (people who have sued others)

As with most of our improvements, there is NO additional charge for this service.  It’s not about making more money, it’s about providing value to you and making sure you’re protected.  When you log into your Subscriber Portal to prospect you will eventually see some numbers with the red DNC flag.

Frequently Asked Questions About DNC Validation:

Where do I learn more about DNC?

How Do I Know Which Numbers are Safe to Call?

  • Before your leads are uploaded, all phone numbers are ran through our DNC Validation Process.  Any number that is on any of the 3 lists above will be flagged with a red (DNC) directly to the right of the number.

What Do I Do When a Number is Flagged?

  • The liability of calling a number is solely that of the caller.  Our Subscribers have placed millions of calls to Personal Representatives and Attorneys; I’m only aware of one friendly warning from an attorney to one of our agents, and that happened only last week.  It is highly unlikely you will suffer harm by calling these numbers but you should understand the law and understand your risk before dialing any number that is flagged.

When does a DNC Registration Expire?

  • It doesn’t.  Federal DNC registration does not have an expiration.  Learn more here
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