Probate Mastermind #93

Recorded Live on September 22, 2016

Call Summary:

  • We address the “shark attack” objection with a new subscriber and how to handle it with “Feel/Felt/Found” empathy and then offer a suggestion on how to change his result in a fiercely competitive market.
  • We talk about the best way to handle commissions when you’re working with investors so you appeal to their “price sensitivity” and avoid dual agency.
  • Bud shares his most recent success story of how he got a $1MM listing in Nebraska BECAUSE he made his phone calls after “taking a break”.
  • A subscriber who has been with us for 4 months shares how his “shark attack” objections have disappeared as he’s gotten rolling with his probate offer.
  • Rodger gives some good advice on how your probate deals build your SOI and produce many other deals.
  • We go through how to use your “Probate USP” to open the conversation by flushing out objections before they can come up and building rapport.
  • We offer advice to an investor on how he can differentiate himself by providing the most value in a very competitive market and NOT identifying himself as an investor but rather as a real estate professional.

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