Common Mistakes, Strategies, and Success Stories | Probate Mastermind #441

Recorded Live on August 10, 2023

These episodes are recorded as a live Question and Answer Mastermind with participation from agents and investors across the country. Thanks for tuning in, and don’t forget to subscribe for future episodes!

Call Re-cap:

00:00 Introductions

The coaches take some time to discuss general updates.

00:03:08 Building a Team and Self-Management

Bruce and Tim stress the importance of assembling a strong team and avoiding the trap of trying to handle every aspect of the business by oneself.

00:09:32 Hiring Professionals for Estate Handling

Emphasizes the significance of bringing in professionals for property cleanouts and estate sales, underlining the value it adds to the service provided.

00:15:30 Collaborating with Probate Attorneys

The hosts discuss the potential for offering referral fees to probate attorneys as a strategy for mutually beneficial collaboration and lead generation.

00:21:47 Personalized Marketing

A segment where Bruce and Tim share a success story that highlights the effectiveness of personalized marketing approaches to secure listings.

00:32:35 Optimizing Online Presence and Web Traffic

This part of the conversation centers around the importance of having a well-designed website, driving traffic to it, and continually adjusting based on performance.

00:47:55 Providing Value Before Seeking Payment

The coaches emphasize the strategy of offering tangible value to clients before asking for payment, establishing trust and rapport.

00:58:58 Engaging Clients and Growing the Email List

In this segment, the coaches discuss the importance of engaging meaningfully with clients, offering valuable information, and the strategy of asking for email addresses to grow a contact list for further marketing.

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