Probate and Cold-Calling in a Changing Market | Probate Mastermind Episode #392

Recorded Live on August 25, 2022

These episodes are recorded as a live Question and Answer Mastermind with participation from agents and investors across the country. Thanks for tuning in, and don’t forget to subscribe for future episodes!

Call Re-cap:

00:00 Introductions

The coaches take some time to discuss general updates.

07:30 Best Ways to Approach a Lead

Bruce goes over the best practices to use when first approaching a lead with a cold call.

17:20 Expanding What You Offer Personal Representatives

The coaches discuss the ways to make yourself more valuable to Personal Representatives by expanding the amount of services you help with and offer.

34:30 All The Leads’ Process

All The Leads’ process of receiving leads and how the marketing materials and educational content help with building real estate mastery is discussed.

47:00 Master Tips to Help Succeed in Real Estate

A caller briefly gives some tips and tricks to provide the best services when dealing with real estate and attorneys.

51:40 Best Ways to Schedule Outgoing Direct Mail

A caller would like to know the best ways to schedule direct mail and what that process would entail.

55:35 How to Service Attorneys to Build Relationships

Callers discuss methods on how to build fruitful relationships with attorneys.

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