A Deep Dive Into Property+ and Lead Prospecting | Probate Mastermind Episode #360

Recorded Live on January 06, 2022

These episodes are recorded as a live Question and Answer Mastermind with participation from agents and investors across the country. Thanks for tuning in, and don’t forget to subscribe for future episodes!

Call Re-cap:

00:00 Introductions

Jim and Bruce share general updates. Bruce reminds everyone to check their email for the free coaching classes he will be teaching this month [insert info on classes here]. Chuck and Jim talk about the importance of mindset when prospecting. Tim shares a short life story backing up Chuck’s point about the power of being positive.

12:58 Probate Lead Prospecting: P.R. or Attorney? BOTH!

A new caller interested in learning more about the ATL prospecting process asks if the process is geared more towards the personal representative or the attorneys. Jim explains that ATL prospecting approach is actually geared towards both PRs and Attorneys. The process starts with the personal representatives and then moves to the attorneys. Jim explains that you can get one deal from a P.R. but you can get a career’s worth of deals from a strong probate attorney partnership.

Bruce breaks down the marketing/outreach approach into 4 phases.

1. Build your prospecting approach for Personal Representative.

  • 1a. Pick up the phone and start calling.
  • 1b. set up mail campaign

2. Get your prospecting approach for attorneys

  • 2a. Phone calls & mail
  • 2b. Office visit
  • 2c. Networking with people who can connect you with more attorneys, usually financial planners.

3. Build your online presence, social media blog, youtube, google my business.

4. Review and tweak the first 3 steps and adjust based on what you have learned.

Bruce then adds on to Jim’s idea and suggest that the smaller attorneys will be the easiest to partner with.

22:31 What Is the Difference Between Probate+ and Property+

Property+ is the new name for the same service. Joyce calls in to clarify the difference. She then asks if Property+ is worth it. Jim and Bruce share some insight on property+ and explains how property+ isn’t for everyone but can be a valuable tool for focusing your prospecting and saving on marketing cost. Tim explains all the ins and outs of Property+.

37:56 Lead Cost and Can Probate Real Estate Be an Entire Business

Trish calls in to ask about the cost of leads in her county. The team explains that lead costs vary county to county. She then asks if probate is meant to be just a part of a real estate business or be the whole business. Bruce encourages people to make probate just one pillar of their business. Being multifaceted can help your real estate career stay afloat in market changes.

48:25 Overwhelmed With Leads. Is the ISA Program Worth It?

Micheal calls in feeling a little overwhelmed with the number of leads he has and wonders if hiring an ISA is the answer. Bruce explains the pros and cons of an ISA and also good and bad reasons for hiring an ISA to make your calls.

52:07 Does Property+ Have Any Benefits for People Not Making Calls

Kathy calls in explaining that she doesn’t call most of her leads because they are on the do not call list. She asks if Property+ is still worth it in her situation. The team explains she still has to reach out to her leads in some way and that Property+ will allow to enhance and focus her direct mail marketing to her leads. She can use the Property+ data to mail higher value mailings to leads with property and reduce the amount of her budget she spends mailing to those without property listed.

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