Accountability, Roleplay, Connecting Emotionally | Probate Mastermind #343

Recorded Live on September 02, 2021

These episodes are recorded as a live Question and Answer Mastermind with participation from agents and investors across the country. Thanks for tuning in, and don’t forget to subscribe for future episodes!

Call Re-cap:

00:00 Introductions

Jim introduces Mastermind call 343 and reminds subscribers that Foundations is a free class for them to attend. Bruce encourages Foundations class to attend the role play call.

02:41 Never Split The Difference

Eddy asks about the team’s opinion on “Never Split the Difference” by Chris Voss and its proposed approach. Jim expands on Chris Voss’s background informing the listeners that Chris had worked as a hostage negotiator. Eddy elaborates on the way in which he has applied Chris’s strategy of posing questions where the anticipated answer is “no”. Bruce provides a warning on the use of these types of questions in a high frequency and also suggests using the “that’s right” approach. Bruce commends Eddy on his quiver of prepared questions.

17:37 Accountability And Roleplay 

Mary from Denver introduces herself to the Team, asking if anyone is interested in roleplay and accountability partners. Bruce comments that roleplay partners should commit for at least one month (as opposed to one week). Mary asks for insight on the Colorado probate process.

Jim explains that nothing is posted until probate is completed and that many of the leads with property remaining to the end of probate will most likely be ready to transact. Bruce tells Mary to focus more so on real estate due to coming in so much later in the time table for probate. 

23:39 Anticipate A No

Mike asks about the “no” questions that Eddy made reference to earlier in the call. Bruce provides an assortment of example questions that would anticipate a “no” from the prospect. 

Mike shares some of his prepared questions with the team! 

28:29 Large Lists

Listener asks the Team about working a large list. Jim discusses working older leads first (less competition). Jim recalls a story on when a prospect with no real estate was turned into a buying lead from their newly inherited money. 

36:54 Foundations Course Information

Mike asks about the Foundations course. Bruce reminds him that it starts on the 1st wednesday of every month and explains the best way to locate and register for the course. 

38:20 Connecting Emotionally

Eric poses a question about probate leads that are in the process of grieving. Bruce takes Eric through the process noting how to stay respectful and appropriate while still receiving confirmation (“thats right”) from the prospect. Tim reminds Eric to connect emotionally and  commiserate with the lead and give them the opportunity to air their problems and grievances. 

48:01 Roleplay Opportunities 

Douglas from Seattle thanks the Team for the class today. He asks the question “how do I make myself available for accountability and roleplay?”. Bruce states that role play is done on the second day of the Foundations class, in addition to that there is a secondary role play day available to those from Foundations on a monthly basis (3rd Wednesday of every month. All the Leads Mastermind group on Facebook is a great place to find accountability and roleplay partners too!

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