The Advocate Approach + Improving Mail Campaigns | Probate Mastermind #342

Recorded Live on August 26, 2021

These episodes are recorded as a live Question and Answer Mastermind with participation from agents and investors across the country. Thanks for tuning in, and don’t forget to subscribe for future episodes!

Call Re-cap:

00:00 Introductions

03:41 Approach: As-Is Offer vs Listing for Top Dollar

Bruce explains how you can present the options without pigeonholing yourself into just one option. Stay general until you know more about the PRs situation and what options will be best for them. Also dig deeper for more information so that you can guide the PR to the best solutions for them.

14:07 Baby Stepping Leads Into Appointments

Kyle talks about how the approach taught in Probate Foundations is much smoother than his experience calling other types of leads. Jim and Chuck elaborate on how important it is to reach out with the right attitude and approach.

21:36 Investor Advice: How To Introduce Your Real Estate Agent To A Client

If you are an investor and your client wishes to list with a real estate agent it is okay to pass them along to the real estate agent on your team or in your network. Remember that you are a guide. Being transparent and letting the PR know how you do business is key. 

24:51 Advice On Sending Text Messages And Emails To Leads

Tim, Bruce and Jim each offer valuable advice on how to phrase your text messages and emails.

28:57 How To Finding Additional Addresses In An Estate

Jim promotes our Probate Plus service that improves upon our base lead data with additional addresses and contact information. Tim and Jim talk about how all leads can turn into business and don’t assume that the lack of property in an estate means the lead isn’t worth pursuing. Bruce expands on the benefit of Probate Plus and how it often reduces your marking costs.

37:01 How To Make Your Mail Campaigns Stand Out In A Competitive Market

Bruce explains how frequency, number of touches and length of campaign are all aspects to consider when setting up a mailing campaign.

39:12 Should I Put A Return Address On My Letters?

Bruce talks about the benefit of adding a return address on the first couple of letters. Tim Elaborates on the accuracy of our mailing addresses.

42:34 How To Increase Your Mailing Campaign Effectiveness

Tim talks about some options for increasing your mail open rate. Bruce talks about the purpose of a postcard in a mailing campaign. 

49:30 Advice And Breakdown On Processing Your Leads

Eric shares his process for working his leads and gets feedback from the team.

54:01 How To Keep Track Of Your Calls When Using A Multi-Dialer

Bruce suggests making quick notes and spending time before and after a calling session to review notes and transcribe shorthand notes made during the session.

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