Probate Leads For New Listing Opportunities | What To Do With the “Maybes”? | Probate Mastermind #322

Recorded Live on April 08, 2021

These episodes are recorded as a live Question and Answer Mastermind with participation from agents and investors across the country. Thanks for tuning in, and don’t forget to subscribe for future episodes!

Call Re-cap:

00:00 General Updates

Jim and Bruce share general updates.

4:51 Improving Your Probate USP

Blake is referencing his probate letters as he introduces himself on prospecting calls.  He keeps running into the “we’re not interested, or not at this time” type of objection.  How can he tweak his USP to get more traction on the first call. Moreso, how can he make sure his introduction evokes the information he needs to best disposition these calls for follow-ups?

15:11 Market Updates in Metro Chicago

Caller opens with an update on his market, metro Chicago, noting the competitive, low-inventory nature. His strategy in this market is to use accelerator bids/escalation clauses with a ceiling at this max price, as well as waiving home inspections. He describes a situation he’s facing where tighter mortgages and tighter insurance policies might make it necessary to fix an air conditioning system before sale to a relative of the family owner, even though that may not have been necessary a year or two ago.

18:46 Probate Leads For New Listing Opportunities

Nick is looking to get into the Probate Niche to ramp his listings back up.  He is in Sarasota, which is great because probate leads near him are more likely to have snowbird, out-of-state Personal Representatives who will benefit from the help of a local probate expert.

21:46 What To Do With the “Maybes”

David Pannell jumps in the queue to build on what Bruce said earlier in the call.  Being able to disposition “Maybes” properly sets you up for branding and marketing with the goal of converting over time and multiple touches. David discusses his strategy.

24:13​ What To Do With Leads You Haven’t Made Contact With

Dana is running out of phone numbers to reach the personal representative.  What should her next move be?

34:12 Navigating Sensitive Conversations With Live-In Relatives That Will Need To Be Relocated

Bill is looking for advice on how to structure a conversation with a friend of the family who recently lost his mother.  One of the sisters lives in the house and might be struggling with hoarding.  The sister isn’t in a position to be able to afford and maintain upkeep on the property, even though there is no mortgage.  The friend really wants

41:11 Should My Marketing Message Be General or Specific?

Lisa is wondering if she should reach out with a vague or a specified marketing message.  Should she let her leads know she knows about their situations? That she works in real estate? Or should she keep it general?

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