Door-Knocking for Probate Leads | Probate Mastermind #317

Recorded Live on March 04, 2021

These episodes are recorded as a live Question and Answer Mastermind with participation from agents and investors across the country. Thanks for tuning in, and don’t forget to subscribe for future episodes!

Call Re-cap:

00:00 and 17:14 Door Knocking For Probate Leads 

Bruce answers Johnathan’s question about the new Probate Foundations class, open to subscribers starting Wednesday March 3rd.  Subscriber registration and Joe uses doorknocking in his approach to real estate prospecting in general.  For probate, is door-knocking a good strategy? Are there certain things you should do differently when door-knocking probate leads as opposed to other types of real estate leads? Fed, Bruce, and Jim expand on different types of marketing materials to utilize while door-knocking.

11:53 Co-Wholesaling: Good Buyer, Bad Buyer.

Marcus from Baltimore is co-wholesaling a portfolio of properties.  He got an unclear response from someone he marketed the group to. What does this response mean, and how can he find better audiences of end-buyers to add to his cash buyer list?

24:25 How to Get Arrears-Owed From an Estate? 

Someone in Fed’s sphere of influence reached out asking for help with a probate situation.  Their mother worked as a caregiver for the deceased and is owed back pay for her services.  How can Fed help them get arrears-owed through the estate?

35:02 What Comes First, Lead Or Attorney? 

Eric in Los Angeles is planning his long-term approach to the probate niche.  In marketing, should he be prospecting attorneys first and foremost? Bruce explains how to formulate a prospecting strategy for the short term and then for the long game.

39:41 ‘The Seller Is Trying To FSBO Their Inherited Property!’

Caller landed himself a double-whammy – An overpriced probate property listed as For-Sale-By-Owner on Zillow.  Should he approach this lead like it’s a FSBO? As a probate lead? Also, with inventory so low in many markets, how should the “overpriced” conversation be approached?

42:05 Both Siblings Can’t Be Right.

In this scenario, there are two siblings and they’re both telling the investor different things. The sister currently living in the house signed a contract with the investor agreeing to sell the property; the other sister says the sister did not have authority to do so.  Bruce and Jim offer advice on obtaining a legally-binding contract and getting the house cleared out.

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