Why the VALUE-FIRST Approach Is The Key To Real Estate Success | Probate Mastermind #311

Recorded Live on January 21, 2021

These episodes are recorded as a live Question and Answer Mastermind with participation from agents and investors across the country. Thanks for tuning in, and don’t forget to subscribe for future episodes!

Call Re-cap:

Chad Announces His Next Steps (00:00)

Chad announces what he’s onto next! He lays out his future involvement with All The Leads, ongoing development of an all-star Probate Mastery Course, and his vision for building his legacy business.

What if the Person Named Executor Doesn’t Know The Decedent? (5:32)

Eddie is curious: The probate representative has no recollection of the decedent; what does this mean? Sometimes this happens with common names. Chad describes how to probate to find out whether it is truly a false positive, or if the person is just trying to get off the phone.  Next, Chad offers language to help clarify and move on.

How to Discover Someone’s Needs and Offer A Solution (7:21)

Eddie is working with a personal representative who is still dealing with a title transfer from a previous inheritance (his father, now deceased, didn’t finish probate on a property he inherited).  Eddie describes the follow-up process with this personal representative and what he has learned about the situation with multiple heirs. How can he be more aggressive and capture this lead? Chad walks Eddie through how to bring apprehension to the surface, figure out what emotion is most prominent (Chris Voss calls this labeling), and use this to offer a solution. Bruce also shares his insight.

What’s the Best Marketing Frequency for Probate Real Estate Leads? (13:36)

Caller asks: What’s the ideal timeline and frequency for sending probate letters? What about calls? Bruce breaks down the All The Leads standard and his own standard. The coaches discuss whether there is such a thing as “too much” when it comes to sending letters and making prospecting calls.

Probate Mastery Course in 2021 (24:06)

Travis is looking to get enrolled for Probate Mastery. What’s the process now?

Handling A Lightning Strike From An Irate Lead (26:03)

Caller reflects on a recent prospecting call she had. It was a lightning struck and ended with some nasty language.  Caller is looking for advice on staying in the moment and knowing what to say. Chad offers his strategy for dealing with lightning strikes, and reminds everyone that negative emotions can only last for so long.

Navigating Conflicting Attorney Information (31:24)

Travis has a deal under contract, but has had to amend the agreement and change attorneys twice already.  He has already completed a probate sale without court approval, but one of the attorneys is saying this closing can’t happen without “going through probate”.  The seller already has letters of testamentary. Chad describes how to navigate this situation through a title company and bring in the estate planning attorney that helped him last time.

Organizing and Dispositioning Leads For The Best Follow-Up Efficiency (35:10)

David shares his “bucket” system – how his team files leads to manage lead follow-up. Sue joins to ask about time management while prospecting.

Why The Value-First Approach Works So Well (37:39)

Federico shares how the All The Leads approach is helping him win 3 deals from one probate real estate lead. Federico kept in touch, listened, understood the situation, and fit a solution to the personal representative and their family’s wishes. This turned into three deals for him. Good job, Fed! Fed also shares a challenging prospecting scenario, where the personal representative is the son of the decedent (father), and was incarcerated when his mother passed away; the mother passed away with a fiance, and it is speculated they got married right before death. Chad and Federico Mastermind.

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